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A native and resident of New Jersey, Anthony Gartmond displayed a gift for art, particularly pencil drawing, at a very early age. What began as simple stick figures quickly grew to complex cartoon characters and, later, portraits of his schoolmates, which of course delighted them. His talent was admired by his elder relatives as well, but they discouraged Anthony from pursuing a career as an artist when he grew up in favor of what they believed to be a more stable line of work. Taking heed, Anthony would eventually embark on a journey far removed from the art world, attending Rutgers University and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1980, and a Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers Law School in 1983. Afterwards came a lengthy career in the law. As you might imagine, no serious pencil art was forthcoming for many years.

A prosecutor for most of his legal career, Anthony developed incredible patience with detail in this capacity. This would prove quite useful artistically as well. 


Following retirement from his legal career after nearly 30 years, Anthony returned to art, enrolling in a drawing class at the Arts Council of Princeton to once again sharpen his natural talent. This experience, combined with the old-fashioned perseverance that followed, provided a springboard for the production of nearly 300 finished art pieces, while also enabling Anthony to make the skill of creating hyper realistic pencil images his own.

Anthony's art work has been successfully exhibited at WBGO Jazz 88.3 in Newark, NJ, Astah's Fine Art Gallery in Maplewood, NJ , Moody Jones Gallery in the Philadelphia, PA metro area, and at the celebrated Art in The Atrium exhibition in Morristown, NJ. Moreover, his work currently appears on the online gallery of Philadelphia's renowned October Gallery.

Anthony seeks to further broaden his appeal and has designs on exploring other media as well.

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